Personalized Mobile Treatment

                                    nOCD is a revolutionary mobile application in the mental health space that helps patients record objective data in between their regularly scheduled sessions with their therapists.

                                    Business Case

                                    Obsessive-compulsive disorder is a mental disorder that affects nearly 1 in 50 people and the treatment for the disorder is anything but straightforward. The barriers to entry in understanding a complicated health topic like OCD treatment made for a difficult user experience in the first version of the nOCD app. It became our mission to make this first-of-a-kind mobile app into a tool that was as accessible as it was helpful in giving OCD patients a tool to manage their treatment.

                                    Strategic goals

                                    • The UX design was in need of a complete overhaul so that their users were able to easily log complex interactions between therapist sessions.
                                    • The tool needed to accurately supplement and enhanced current treatment methods in order to encourage regular use of the app.
                                    • The application did not comply with HIPAA and therefore it was of little to no use within the actual medical community.

                                    “Users would hear about the product, download it, and then say “what am I supposed to do?”. On the surface, it was an onboarding problem, but we quickly realized it was much more than that. We overhauled each feature and the entire workflow, navigation, and interface design in order to create an intuitive experience.”

                                    Geoff Brummett UX Designer


                                    After hundreds of hours of consulting leading medical professionals and testing our designs with OCD Specialists and people suffering from OCD, we redesigned a completely refreshed version of nOCD. Our new version included numerous, proven OCD treatments and presented these exercises in a way that was genuinely engaging. By making the app HIPAA compliant, patients that used the app were able to share their results and updates with their doctors and their doctors were then able to make objective inferences about the best steps to take in their treatment.

                                    Once the app was launched, we partnered with nOCD as their internal product team and continued iterating on the app so that we regularly expanded their user base and more effectively delivered an alternative treatment option for OCD patients.